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Argonne National Laboratory to Host Beyond Lithium Ion Symposium

Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago, will host on 3-4 May 2010 the symposium “Beyond Lithium Ion: Computational Perspectives” to discuss research opportunities in electrochemical energy storage, specifically, lithium-air batteries for transportation.

Li-air battery technology has the potential to store almost as much energy as a tank of gasoline, and will have a capacity for energy storage that is five to 10 times greater than that of Li-ion batteries, a bridge technology. That potential, however, will not be realized until critical scientific challenges have been solved.

Realizing the significant technical challenges, a consortium of research organizations, including IBM and Argonne National Laboratory, are holding this meeting to discuss how computational science will complement laboratory research, accelerate the pace of R&D, lower costs and improve the safety of advanced electrochemical energy storage technologies beyond Li-ion.

The symposium will feature speakers from Argonne, IBM, Bosch, ReVolt Technology, the University of Michigan, University of Utah, Technical University of Denmark and Oak Ridge and Pacific Northwest national laboratories.

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